Physical Therapy Allows Patients to Live with Less Pain

    Merit Rehab physical therapy clinics all provide many therapeutic services to its clients. 86535686 (Small)While physical therapy is our preeminent service line, our occupational therapy program, is gaining traction. Also, three of our physical therapy clinics specialize in areas such as wound care, aquatic therapy and high intensity exercise intervention.

    Increase or Restore Range of Motion

    Physical therapy is a medical specialty that provides treatment using various devices or the hands to strengthen patient’s muscles and supply more flexibility to a part of patient’s body that is subnormal. The need for physical therapy rehab can be the result of a genetic condition, disease, surgery, or a trauma such as a burn or automobile accident.

    Our physical therapy rehab uses both heat and cold, electricity, massage, and various types of machines to assist in one’s rehabilitation. Our skilled physical therapy clinics go far beyond simple exercising or heating of an injured limb. The physical therapy clinics use comprehensive and individualized regimens that cater to one’s individual physical therapy needs and goals.

    Building Strength, Coordination and Endurance

    Our physical and occupational therapy program enables people of all ages to participate more actively and meaningfully in their day to day lives. We work with each patient to heal after an injury, surgery or illness and maximize their participation and independence with the completion of certain personal care or occupational tasks.

    Our physical therapy program considers each patient’s strengths and limitations and how tasks can be performed without further injury and discomfort.For instance, after a hip replacement surgery, our clinicians instruct patients in the proper sitting position; suggest tips for completing household tasks easily and safely, and offers safe techniques for getting in and out of bed and positioning the hip properly while sleeping.

    Whether you or your loved one requires therapy, let Merit Rehab’s skilled and caring clinicians serve you.